The Pre-conference in Bogotá, an optional event to be held on 07/15 and 07/16, offers a unique opportunity to visit the campus of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogotá and learn about the current efforts to offer the Engineering programs with international standars. It is also a great chance to have guided tours to Bogotá's main cultural landmarks, which you will not want to miss. The first day will focus on cultural activities and the second one will present an unique opportunity to visit the Bogotá campus.

The Conference in Cali, the main event to be held from 07/17 to 07/20, represents the second step of the creation and development of the International Association of Jesuit Engineering Schools. We voluntarily adopt a large spectrum of themes. The most important is to deepen a fruitful mutual knowledge and create the awareness of paths of collaboration we can invent for the greatest benefit of all. The Conference includes two optional events, namely, a Bird Fair on Thursday and Friday, and a visit to the Nirvana Natural Reserve on Saturday.

At the Conference in Cali, each Engineering School is invited to present some of its realities around 4 main topics:
Paths of collaboration in the field of research
On essential engineering issues (e.g., energy, food, water, infrastructure, work and industries of the future).
Paths of collaboration in the training of “Social Engineers” able to promote social justice
Paths of collaboration in the development of frugal innovation
Paths of collaboration aimed at fostering the spiritual depth of the engineers promoted by our universities
We thank you for sending your contribution, with the suggested format, to Adriana Manrique by e-mail at before June 30th.

Pre-conference Program (Bogotá)
Conference Program (Cali)
Download the program here


There are more than 120 bird species recorded on eBird (the most famous and spread World Bird Database) of Javeriana Cali campus. These data are just a single example of the bird richness of Cali, a tropical city with more than 250 bird species in the urban area, and 550 in the whole territory of the municipality, including diverse life zones like paramo, cloud forest, and wetlands. These numbers show that Cali is a top-class destination for birdwatching, being possible to have a wonderful birdwatching experience.

Previous Conference: Bilbao 2018

Bilbao first conference took place in Deutso University last year, in where 36 a Directors, Deans, Professors and Researchers from 21 Jesuits Engineering Schools gathered to share how engineering schools contribute to addressing the integral ecology crucial issues. At the meeting, different topics were related with the training of engineers, who must be capable of address key social and technological issues for the future, linking up different fields like energy/water resources, cities, and factories.