Registration Dates

March 15 - June 15


Please find below the detailed information for completing your registration.
Step 1
Select the appropriate category for payment. By clicking in the corresponding payment icon, you will be re-directed to a payment form. There, you will be asked to provide basic information. The registration fee can be paid using a credit card.

IMPORTANT: Once you have filled out some basic information, you will be re-directed to a page with two options. The first one (the one corresponding to the left-hand side button) is to download an invoice. The second one (the one corresponding to the right-hand side button) will take you to the online payment system. When paying electronically, you do NOT need to donwload/print the invoice.
Step 2
Once the payment has been registered, please save a copy (e .g., in PDF format) of the payment confirmation.
Step 3
Fill out the registration form. Please also upload the payment confirmation file obtained in step 2.
Step 4
Once the information has been validated, you will receive an email message confirming your regis-tration.

Registration Fees

There are registration fees for attending the Pre-conference in Bogotá and the Conference in Cali. In the tables below, you can find the specific fees with the taxes included.
Pre-Conference (Bogotá)
Conference (Cali)
First attendant
US$ 100
US$ 350
Additional attendant
US$ 0
US$ 150

Make your Payment

First attendant
Pre-conference and Conference
First attendant
Only Conference
Additional attendant
Conference (and/or Pre-Conference)
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